Why you need a Keyfender

key in surf lock at the car invalidates car insurance

We had some exciting couple of weeks. The production tools were finalized, the material was matched and final preparations were made for the first edition of the Keyfender®. We went to fairs and have received first orders from surf-shops. Now it´s time to start. As a platform for the crowdfunding campaign, we decided on Indiegogo. Update: The campaign was successful. Production is on. You can now get your Keyfender in our Shop.

We also did some more research on the specific topic „where to leave the car key“ while we are on the water. We spoke to some insurances. And they gave a clear answer. If the car - worst case - gets stolen and you left the car key in a key lock at the car or did hide the key somewhere at the car, the insurance might not pay at all. In case of a loss of the vehicle, the insurance want you to proof, that you are in the possession of your car keys. And even if there is no worst case, leaving the keys behind or carrying it in a plastic pouch makes you feel unpleasant, because you might worry all the time. So better get your Keyfender® now -  and never worry again.

Here is some interesting video from a famous German lawyer, nailing it down.

(the message is: Anyone who leaves his key unattended acts grossly negligent and loses his insurance cover. Even if the key is locked up in or to the vehicle.)